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We talk to many women who are busy, trying to keep up with demanding schedules, and are looking for a healthier way to live.  Their children struggle with various behavorial and health issues and are constantly fighting to stay well.  Their own bodies are feeling tired and they are looking for real, tangable solutions to help.


Intuitively they know that the healing they need isn’t going to come from a Dr.’s visit, prescription, or other quick fix. Instead they are looking for something different, something they can invest themselves in, something that helps their bodies regain it’s natural healing ability.


5 years ago, I was that woman. My 4 children, 4 and under, were in the Dr.’s office every other week. We joked that we had our own designated parking space that was always empty and waiting for us!


I was exhausted, overweight, my body hurt, and I knew I wanted something different for my family.


That is why we began farming.


When we slowed down a bit and began gathering around the family dinner table things changed.  We took the processed food and sugar out of our diets, replaced that with our farm grown, nutrient dense meat and eggs, and we began healing.


Our bodies were first, but it went beyond that. Our relationships deepened and we grew stronger as a family as we shared meal times together. In the last five years we have been blessed with 2 more children. In total, all eight of us have been to the Dr. for a sick visit 2 times in the last five years!


We believe that wholesome food heals our bodies from the inside out because we have lived it and experienced it as a family.


It is our joy to be a part of your family’s journey towards wellness.


So take a look around our site, get to know us a bit, and let us know how we can serve you!

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