Our Story

In 2014 our family of 6 drove from our city life in Florida down the long winding driveway of what is now Ahavah Acres to discover all the joy, beauty, challenges, and work that awaited us and our new country life. Both of our little boys were sick with fevers, I was already homesick, and we were all uncertain of what lay ahead in this new life. But more than anything we knew that Yahweh had called us to follow Him and we were going to take one step at a time.

Today we are officially country folk and wouldn’t trade our cow loving, Back to Eden gardening, chicken chasing life for anything! We have built a farm, begun a heritage for our children, and grown our family from 6 to 8 in the few short years that we have been here at Ahavah.

And now in 2018 we are beginning a new season on the farm as we open it up to all of you and have the privilege to share what we are growing here to nourish you and your family. As we begin to offer our free range pastured eggs, pastured poultry, and eventually grass fed and finished beef, we pray that our food will not only feed you well, but also that our family and our farm will be a source of encouragement and a place of joy for all.

Our Farm

Ahavah Acres is a 16 acre family focused farm that seeks to steward the land by using permaculture principals learned from observing the patterns that our Creator has set forth in His creation. We seek to honor both the land and our animals by keeping the natural order as much as possible and not polluting it. We work with the natural seasons of our animals and hence have a very seasonal approach to food.

We began this farm as a way to feed the little mouths that live here whole, clean, nutritious food and do not sell anything to our customers without first feeding it to our own family. We use no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or antibiotics on our land or our animals. We instead, offer a holistic approach to farming by focusing on overall health of the land and animals that live off it.

To us, farming is not the end goal, but rather it provides a lifestyle of healing both physically and spiritually. We have a vision of wide open spaces with many children running around freely, finding meaning and purpose as they work the land, spend time together as a family, and are able to reach out to others through the farming enterprise. When you purchase something from Ahavah you are not only getting healthy nourishing food that is grown with love, but you are also supporting our mission to make this calling a reality through the miracle of adoption, a calling for us that runs deeper than any other roots on this farm.