Raw Cow Milk (gallon)


Our Jersey milk cows are Grass-fed with a small Non-GMO whole grain treat at milking time and Supplemented with Free Choice Minerals and hay in the winter. We utilize rotational grazing practices to keep the cows on fresh grass. No hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines used.  We do calf sharing only milking once a day so that all calves get to nurse their own mother, we believe this produces healthier cows and calves.

Milk is sold in single use plastic jugs by the gallon and half gallon.  The milk should last at least 10 days from the time it was milked (which is marked on the bottle). Our milk is  1-3 days old when you get it. If you get several gallons we give you a mixture of dates and, of course, the older ones should be consumed first. If you only get 1 gallon we try and give you the freshest date possible(1-3 days old).