A healthy nourishing dinner for your family doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time to prepare. If you are like me and struggle with new dinner ideas night after night, our whole chickens are a perfect fit for your busy family lifestyle.

Sure you could go buy an already cooked rotisserie from the grocery store but then you can’t be sure that your chicken doesn’t contain harmful additives (like arsenic, dextrose and modified food starch) and that will directly combat your goal of feeding healing foods to your family.

There are so many easy ways to prepare our chickens, from slow cooking them in the crock pot while you are busily working throughout the day, to roasting them in the oven while your children do their homework and smell the warm aroma of dinner emanating from your kitchen.

Pair one of our whole chickens with your favorite vegetable or quick salad and dinner is served! And not only tonight’s dinner, but leftovers make great chicken salad, wraps, or the meat to add into a casserole or pasta dish. And after you have used all the meat you can still stretch it for another meal using one of my foolproof recipes for easy bone broth soup.

That’s 3 nourishing meals out of one pasture raised bird, what a deal!

Feeding your family well, and calling the ones you love to your dinner table can fit into your busy schedule again and our chickens will be there as an easy meal for your family any night of the week.

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