FARM; that’s the easy part. We are a working family farm focused on raising clean, nutrient dense, non-GMO food with care and attention to each life that lives on this land.

minISTRY; We are first and also a ministry. A portion of our profits go directly to the costs associated with adopting children. We began this farm as a way to give each of our children a place of peace, beauty, and healing to grow in as well as to help financially bring more children home. Along with fund raising we also serve as a connection point to families in all phases of the adoption process. You may just be contemplating adoption or you may need someone to hold your hand as you discover what a blessing it is to raise special needs children. Regardless of what part of the process you are in, we are here as a resource and encouragement for you! One of our most favorite things is getting to sit down with other families who desire to make room in their hearts and home for an orphan and share our experiences and encourage them.


Sounds like a pharmacy doesn’t it? Well that’s because it is, sort of.

We are a place of healing, for the mind, body, and soul. And better healing than you can get over any counter. When you eat clean, nutrient dense food and eliminate sugar and processed junk from your diet, your body reconnects with how it was created to be and learns once again how to operate in wellness.

We also believe in stewarding the land towards healing. God is the healer, but we are his stewards and so we treat his creation with admiration, respect, and honor. When we do this the land, just like our bodies, can function as it was created to.

a FARMISTRY…now you know. So go order some of our delicious food and help adopt orphans, make beautiful families, heal your body, and steward the land. It doesn’t get much better than that!