Kefir Grains

Fermented foods have been the corner stone of health for 100’s of years offering valuable probiotics and nutrients to support a healthy immune and digestive system. Kefir, is a fermented milk product that is easy to make at home and when compared to store bought kefir has so many more probiotic strains, it is unmatched. Not only is kefir easy to make, but it is delicious for the whole family when made into a smoothie.

We began making kefir when our youngest daughter came home from China and had many digestive health issues that made her uncomfortable every day. Drinking kefir weekly has not only completely healed our daughter’s digestive system, but has added to the health of our entire family!

We offer our raw milk grown kefir grains in a 1 tablespoon starter pack that will include a link to the instructions for getting started making your own kefir and recipes that our family uses for wonderful and delicious kefir smoothies.

Kefir grains are available on a preorder basis only as we grow the grains for each specific customer, this takes approximately 1 week.

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