Our Offerings

Pasture Raised Eggs

Our hens are free ranged on pasture eating a rich diet of salad bar grasses and insects. We supplement their pastured diet with non-GMO, whole grains. Due to their foraging […]

Pastured Poultry

We offer whole broiler chickens that are raised on pasture in mobile hoop coops. The chickens are moved daily to fresh pasture with room to move about, scratch, and forage […]

Fruits and Vegetables

Here at Ahavah Acres we produce nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables without the use of chemical herbicides or fertilizers. We utilize the natural resources found here on our farm and have […]

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Our Story

In 2014 our family of 6 drove from our city life in Florida down the long winding driveway of what is now Ahavah Acres to discover all the joy, beauty, challenges, and work that awaited us and our new country life. Both of our little boys were sick with fevers, I was already homesick, and we were all uncertain of what lay ahead in this new life. But more than anything we knew that when God calls it is always best to say “Yes”! Today we are officially country folk and wouldn't trade our cow loving, Back to Eden gardening, chicken chasing life for anything! We have built a farm, begun a heritage for our children, and grown our family from 6 to 7 in the few short years we have been at Ahahah. And now in 2017 we are beginning a new season on the farm as we open it up to all of you and have the privilege to share what we are growing here to nourish you and your family...